Motivational Leadership Speaker, The Art of Leadership
Motivational Leadership Speaker
Motivational Leadership speaker, Art of Leadership, Emotional Leadership Speaker

"Your workshop was fabulously thought-provoking
and your songs hillarious!" — E. Donaldson, FBI

Motivational Leadership speaker Dave Timmons is a Leadership Artist. He teaches leaders, managers, and organizations how to re-ignite the excitement and passion in their people through the Art of Leadership.

The biggest opportunity for morale, productivity, AND results to rise, is for leaders to inspire the hearts of their people! This is a fine Art that requires courage, trust, and the skills of ‘Emotional Engagement.’ Too many managers fail because they only rely on ‘Rational Engagement’ (logic, expectations, numbers, processes, etc.) and never appeal to the emotional needs of the people they influence.

When Dave shares the secrets of the Art of Leadership with your audience, they will learn how to:

  • Make meaningful Emotional Connections that inspire trust, respect, and magnetic follower-ship
  • Gain Emotional Commitment through truth, mentoring, and matching the mutual needs of the person and the organization
  • Emotionalize their Leadership Style by using their full complement of emotional tools in their toolbox.  

It is possible for people to love their job, their boss, and their organization again! To learn more about Dave’s background, programs, videos, and entertaining style, please feel free to browse our site. To book Dave or to learn about program and pricing options, please call us at (813) 300-1800 or e-mail Dave at

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